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So You Want To Write A Book

You've loved stories all of your life. They've shaped you, molded you, kept you awake and dreaming of different worlds long into the night. Then it comes to you. Just a kernel of an idea at first. A story. A simple one, but the concept makes your heart quicken. Soon the seed bursts, sending vines weaving through your mind, taking over every idle thought and moment. Characters, dialogue, love, battles, death, loss, and triumph. It's brilliant, gritty, real, and has a twist so staggering it turns your head like a screw.

One morning, driven perhaps by a caffeinated beverage or a late-night ideation, you sit at the computer. It's so clear in your head. You see your book on store shelves, award ceremonies, royalty checks, autographs, and people telling you how much your story changed their lives. There is even a movie screening where Timothee Chalamet publicly thanks you for providing such a rich, impactful character to sink his teeth into. Sweat drips down your forehead and adrenaline churns in your blood. Your fingers reach up for the keyboard. Then . . . then . . . shit. How do I start this?

If only you had a magic box that could tell you what to do. Wait! You have that! You type "How to write a book" into Google and are flooded with blogs, editors, conferences, courses, books, websites, products, and even a blog about editors, conferences, courses, books, websites, and products. But where to start? Who to trust? Wait, an editor is how much? Can't I just buy a book?

Well, that's what this blog is about. It doesn't provide writing advice, it provides reviews of the advice that is already out there. Well, more of a guide of what you will get for your investment as, like books themselves, how to write is very subjective.

As an agented author, I've taken dozens of courses, tried all the fancy programs, worked with many editors, and read so, so many books on craft. Some have been okay, some have been a waste, some have even steered me wrong, but many have been brilliant and career-changing. And, as a lover of learning, I will continue to encounter these products and people for many years to come.

So this will be a guide to help you decide where to start, where to invest your money, and what to avoid. Your time and money are limited. Best use them wisely before Timothee ages out of that perfect role.

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